Facebook Live Sales featuring CommentSold

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Join us every Thursday @ 7pm CST! When we release our newest products and do special giveaways.

The easiest way to shop online.

Commentsold is a streamlined approach to purchasing online. Simply create an account, watch live, and comment "sold," "product#," and "size" the system does the rest. It allows you to follow along with the explanation of sizing fits and product details and lets you ask questions real-time. Limited items? No worries! When you comment sold it will put you on a waitlist so when we restock that item it will automatically will be saved in your cart and you will be notified that its ready for you! Just join and join in!


Only a few steps to join:

 1. Make sure to follow our Facebook Group.

If you haven't already we release information, and do our live sales from our Facebook Group. (Link opens a new page)

2. Sign up for an account.

Join the TnS Boutique's next live sale by signing up with a unique CommentSold account. (Link opens a new page.)

3. Join us this Thursday!

We do live sales every Thursday at 7pm CST. We are excited to see you on.